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A perfect introduction to step into the kitchen! Your child will delight and find love mixing, measuring and especially licking the spoon and in turn learn to become kids who will be independent and brave, all through the experience of the Budding Chef box.

This activity box is a meaningful activity to bond with your children which not only builds their kitchen skills but also explores the SCIENCE of cooking  while your Older children can follow out recipes more independently and be head of kitchen! 

The thought behind it is to help kids start learning techniques, explore the measures of magic the kitchen holds, jot down new recipes and develop skills through them. Open the kitchen doors to new taste patterns through their own baking and cooking experiences (Now that's a new way to get them to eat more veggies right! wink!), all the while creating future intuitive recipe makers who will find confidence and comfort in the kitchen. Budding Chefs who won't be afraid to experiment and create beyond the recipe book. Just imagine the future of these fun-loving- skilled bakers and cookers. The thought alone, drizzles me in honey coated ice cream chills! (now there's a budding recipe idea to take to the next level!). 

Totally L-O-V-E IT!!

What's in the Budding Chef Box apart from being an all in one box of creative yumminess  Fun  Learning and tools to get you rainbow ready! 

  • 1x welcome card 
  • 1x Surprise kid-friendly baking cutter comes with each kit. Themed for boys and girls.
  • 1x Baking premix- Because baking up a storm of sunshine and rainbows is even more fun when it comes with an activity and the most delicious results! Don't forget to lick the spoon! 
  • 1x personalised apron - Because every Budding Chef needs their cape to create magic!
  • 3 x Step by step recipe cards to get you started on your exploring journey.
  • 1x personalised Recipe book- Yes your very first and forever recipe book to jot new recipes, and in time develop your own creative and magic recipes because.. OH yes! you got the head start to be creative, think critically, and discover your capabilities right from this box. (now this just makes my heart happy)
It's the perfect gift for parties, Ramadaan, Eid, Birthdays or even sleep overs (yes this box of funfetti is available all year round).

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