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Some of the most treasured and wholesome moments of my childhood Ramadaan stem from nights with my family. Whether it was playing with my toys next to my mum while she read salaah. Or waiting for my dad and brothers to come back from the masjid and staying up late listening to my granny tell us tales rich in Islamic history or learning the beauty of how to make dua from the heart from my sister.
Taraweeh nights are beyond special and it's a different and beautiful special in every home.

We created this Ramadaan bag for you and your family to fill as you think would add value and build memories to your Ramadaan.
It's in these little things.. these little moments built that create a foundation of love for deen..and love for Ramadaan for our mini muslimeen.
Use it to..
Prepare for the mosque.
Gifts for guests or loved ones.
Plan 29 nights of virtue and value.
Pack activities for kids when you out for iftaar.
Add islamic books, thikr, tasbeehs what ever resonates to make Taraweeh nights special in your home.

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