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Ramadaan is the perfect opportunity to get our children excited into practicing and learning Islamic Values. One of our main goals is to encourage them to get ready to fast as it forms one of the incumbent pillars of Islam. Fasting tracker for kids includes 30 star stickers for every day of fasting. This fun reward tracker is a great way to get kids excited for everyday of fasting. It also emphasises the importance and value within the 10 days of mercy, 10 days of forgiveness and the 10 days of protection from the fire of Jahannam. 

Did you know there is a special Gate in Jannah called Ar-Rayyan for those who observe fasting. It was narrated from Sahi bin Sad that the Prophet SAW said: “For those who fast there is a gate in Paradise called Ar-Rayyan, through which no one but they will enter. When the last of them has entered it, it will be closed. Whoever enters through it will drink, and whoever drinks will never thirst again.”

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