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Set of study/flash cards are one of the most powerful learning tools for faster learning and long term memory retention by enhancing active recall. 

Benefits as a study method include: 

- Simplify paragraphs, key concepts, definitions, formulas or summarize areas of difficulty. a constant review on these cards will aid in faster understanding and memorization.

- By writing your own study notes that work simply for you enables you to synthesize memory retention. While reading over your summaries.. your brain reflects and recalls info you originally summarized from. 

- You can use them anywhere! Especially during "dead time", by being compact and easy to carry, its easy to keep on hand...while standing line line, driving to school, walking, before bed etc

- Highlight your study notes by creating a colour coding system: Assign colours as a coding system. EG: Pink - terminology, Green- definitions, red areas of importance or areas of difficulty.

- Final revision; This is the most impactful tool you should keep on hand before any test or exam. Revise key information and vital notes for a fresh review. by revising simpler notes, it eases the stress and tension of going over an entire text book.


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